EdTech App- Challenges for the Next Normal

Redefining Your EdTech App for the Next Normal

COVID-19 has left an impact on people from all walks. From personal to professional, there...
Programmatic Media for Utility Apps

The Programmatic Way to Boost Earnings for Your Utility App

In this blog, we are discussing how programmatic media can help you acquire the relevant users as well as drive more conversions.
Mobile Gaming Insights 2020

The Mobile Gaming Insights 2020 [Infographic]

In this infographic, you will find the latest mobile gaming insights along with challenges and solutions for mobile apps marketing.
Behavioral Targeting-using data for better retargeting

First-Party Data: A Gaming App’s Way To Go Beyond Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral targeting relies on the top-level data, and miss out on the intent of the user. Learn how to use first-party data to gain higher retention targets.
Optimize retargeting ads - 4 hacks

4 Hacks to Optimize Retargeting Ads in 2020

Optimize retargeting ads the right way to leverage all touchpoints to drive more and faster conversions for your mobile apps.
What is Demand Side Platform - DSP

Demand Side Platform (DSP): A Simple Explanation

Demand Side Platform is software for advertisers (or ad agencies) to automate the buying and selling of ad impressions. Read more for easy understanding.
Mobile app user acquisition

Mobile App User Acquisition: Winning With Audience Intelligence

Mobile app user acquisition strategy requires going beyond demographics and leveraging audience intelligence. Read more to know how >>
Video Retargeting Ads To Boost Your Campaign Success

Video Retargeting Ads – Optimizing Your Campaign For Success

Video retargeting ads create an opportunity of achieving better campaign results as they gain better attention and enhance conversions.
incremental lift

Incremental Lift: Measuring Marketing Efforts Beyond Attribution

In the pursuit of converting a visitor into a paying customer, there are various channels...

Understanding Incrementality – The key to measuring your advertising impact (Part-1)

Sandip Acharyya, Assistant Marketing Manager Incrementality is an excellent method to understand the impact generated...
How Retention Drives Growth in Gaming Apps

Retention: A Key Growth Factor For Your Gaming App In 2020

If your user retention in the gaming app isn't enough, the likelihood of turning a profit is low. Learn how what you can do about it.
Facebook remarketing- everything you need to know

Facebook Remarketing: Everything You Need To Know

Facebook Ads are empowering businesses of almost every size and industry across the globe. It...

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