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What Are Brand-Building Campaigns?

Run on a programmatic DSP platform, brand-building campaigns raise brand awareness among your targeted audience. They have a compounding effect on conversions and, in the longer term positive impact on customer lifetime value (CLTV) and sales.

Why Run Brand-Building Campaigns with a Programmatic Partner?

RevX's programmatic platform allows you to focus on relevant and suitable environments that allow you to scale your message while keeping your brand relevant and safe.

Get increased transparency, improved performance, personalization, and flexibility.

Increased transparency and control

Have more visibility into where your ads are being shown and who is seeing them. Set stricter controls on where your ads appear to avoid any potential brand safety issues.

Personalized ads

Showing personalized ads to users based on their interests and behavior makes the message more relevant and increases the likelihood of conversion.

Customized campaigns

Make changes to your campaign on the fly, based on insights from your data. This means you can quickly and easily adjust your strategy to achieve the best results.

Improved performance

Programmatic offers a more effective way to reach users at scale with your message, with the added bonus of being able to focus on relevant and suitable environments that allow them to scale your brand awareness.

Measuring the Success of Your Brand Building Campaigns

Programmatic aids in understanding the incremental impact of your branding campaigns on your business. With full-funnel reporting throughout the user journey, you can assess the impact of your ad campaigns.

Brand-building campaign will help you drive long-term business success by establishing a strong brand identity and positioning for you in the market.


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