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Diverse Range of Ad Formats

RevX is committed to driving your brand's success through creative innovation. With our captivating ad creatives, comprehensive data sets, and cutting-edge technology, we help your brand achieve better results. Our wide range of ad formats includes.

Research Driven Creative Innovation

Drive higher user engagement with ads powered by RevX’s robust user intent data & recommendation engine.

Personalized ad creatives optimized for each device and inventory for better campaign results.

RevX's advanced ratio-based layouts save time by allowing creative assets to be inherited across all ad sizes with just one click.

Dynamic Creative Optimisation

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) utilizes machine learning to analyze extensive user data and product feed information. This intelligent approach enables us to recommend the most relevant products to each user, effectively boosting engagement and driving higher conversions.

DCO-Ads-1st DCO-Ads-2nd DCO_Ads_3rd

Elevate your ad creative strategy with RevX.