Unlock new growth levels for your app.

From installs and activation to retention and monetization, we have you covered!

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Obtain real, quality users and guide
them past the install

In a fraud-less and 100% programmatic way.

Find users at the right place and the right moment

Find them where they are based on contextual data.

Get new installs, acquire high-value users

With ML-powered Data Science models optimised for highly targeted acquisition.

User acquisition with seamless tie-in into re-engagement

Support you overall UA efforts with re-engagement campaigns to unlock further growth.

Plan a successful user acquisition campaign

Attract high quality users with memorable ad experiences.

We work with you to identify goals and optimal campaign setups.

RevX’s ML-powered platform offers you maximum quality control and transparency.

Use advanced algorithms to analyze a multitude of data-points for a more reliable prediction of user intent and likelihood of clicking, installing and engaging.

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