Mobile Ad-fraud-featured image

Spotting and Fighting Mobile Ad Fraud to Avoid ROI Loss

Mobile fraud is not a new topic, but it is always top of mind for...
retargeting & user acquisition- featured image

Programmatic for eCommerce Apps: Benefits of Running Retargeting along with UA

2020 saw significant growth in the number of users installing and using eCommerce apps. A...
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Infographic: The Essential Guide to Understanding View-Through Attribution

Let's talk about mobile attribution. Here we look at view-through attribution (VTA), what it entails,...
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Mastering Deep Linking: All You Need to Know about Deep Links

Are your users clicking the ad but dropping off before they reach your app? You...
Black friday-infographic

Infographic: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Go Online in the New Normal

Planning a successful mobile marketing strategy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday is crucial for...
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Report: Winning in Fantasy Cricket-Based Apps Using Programmatic Ads to Acquire and Retarget Users

It is often said that in India cricket is a religion! When India plays a...
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Setting Up Successful Programmatic Advertising Campaigns with Large Inventory and Smart Targeting

More and more advertisers are opting to set up their ad campaigns on mobile through...
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IDFA, iOS14 and SKAdNetwork – A Survival Guide

The anticipated arrival of changes to iOS 14 has sent the mobile AdTech industry into...
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Improving Ad Performance with Dynamic Creative Optimization

One thing digital marketers can’t stand is underperforming ads. And we’ve all been there. Sometimes...
OTT Apps Reimagining Marketing For Post-COVID Era

OTT Apps: Reimagining Marketing For Post-COVID Era

In recent months, a large chunk population across demographics has switched to new-age OTT apps...
Features of DSP (Demand Side Platform)

18 Top Features of DSP You Should Consider

Demand Side Platform (DSP) is a software program that communicates with ad exchanges, ad networks,...
SliceX: slice and dice ad campaign data

Drowning in Data, but Starving for Insights: SliceX to the Rescue [Infographic]

SliceX enables advertisers to go beyond traditional reporting with an easier analysis of various dimensions and metrics for different timeframes. KNOW MORE.

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