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Solution for Every Step of the User Journey

Retargeting your app users is crucial to driving conversions, enhancing user engagement, and maximizing their lifetime value. By strategically targeting users at different stages of the journey, you can activate, engage, re-engage, and monetize your user base for sustainable growth.

Why Choose App Retargeting?


Retaining and engaging existing users is 5-10 times more cost-effective than acquiring new ones.

Boost conversions & LTV

Increase revenue and amplify order frequency and value with timely and targeted ads.

Expand active user base

Grow the active user base and prevent lapse by re-engaging users and bringing them back to the app.

How Can RevX Help?

Our expertise, innovative technology, and global reach enable us to deliver outstanding results for our clients across various verticals.

Creative innovation

Create highly engaging ads with advanced technology and innovative strategies for personalized experiences.

Advanced algorithms

Optimize campaigns effortlessly with CPA and CPI prediction models, maximizing your ad budget.

In-depth reporting

Monitor campaign performance in real-time, access detailed insights and make informed strategic decisions.

Case Study & Testimonials

Get your business growing with RevX’s Retargeting Campaign.