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Struggling to Determine Your Ad Campaign's True Impact?

With RevX's incrementality testing, you can confidently measure the influence of your ad campaign on your target audience.

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to true, actionable data. Maximize your campaign’s ROI by targeting users who are likely to convert but require an extra push, while also avoiding wasted ad spend on users who would have converted anyway.

Why Choose Incrementality Testing?

Gain accurate campaign insights

Measure the true impact of your campaign while avoiding over-attribution.

Maximize advertising efficiency

Optimize your advertising budget for optimal results.

Uncover effective marketing channels

Identify the most impactful marketing channels for your campaigns.

Maximize Your Campaigns’ ROI

Are your retargeting campaigns actually driving incremental revenue, or just cannibalizing organic traffic?

This is where RevX's incrementality testing comes in. With insights into the incremental revenue generated by your retargeting campaigns, you can strategically allocate your ad spend and optimize campaigns for maximum ROI.

How Does It Work?

It is a data-driven methodology that compares the conversion rates and revenue of a test group exposed to the ads versus a control group that is not exposed to your ads.

RevX’s Incrementality Testing

RevX simplifies campaign evaluation and delivers accurate, unbiased results. Our incrementality test approach is cost-efficient and reliable. Features of RevX’s incrementality testing:

Take charge of your test

Get involved in every step, from audience segmentation to methodology and ad budget.

Detailed reporting

We connect with every single user individually to make the most out of your budget.

Comprehensive support

Our experts are available to assist and provide valuable insights every step of the way.

Unlock higher ROI with RevX's Incrementality Testing Solution.