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How did you get into Product Management, and where did it all start? 

I have always aspired to a product management role, and this wish helped me transition to the current position I fulfill today at RevX.

In my early days as a fresher, I started as a Front-end developer. Over five years into my career, I realized that the next role that would allow me to fulfill my passion at work needed to be in a Product team.

So, I started investing in that area and redefined my career path. I transitioned to a more client-facing role as Technical Solutions Architect, which helped me groom my client interactions and understand end-user needs, a key ingredient for a successful Product Manager.
After growing my expertise in developing kickass software, understanding client needs, and acting on them, I felt ready to take the next leap of faith in my career roadmap.

What are some of the product innovations that you’re proud of building here at RevX? 

It has been an incredible journey so far for me in RevX. Working as a Product Manager requires a huge responsibility to take the company to the next level and stand out amongst our competitors in the market.

This requires constant innovation and development in our product roadmap. That is what we are currently focusing on at RevX.

The development series can be categorized into two main segments:

Creative innovation:

🔹 We roll out new Creative templates every month to enrich our Creative Library and our offering to our clients. This constant effort in delivering innovative, creative templates helps our campaigns to achieve higher CTR rates resulting in higher ROI.

And, driving automation to our platforms:

🔹 Augmenting human-driven tasks with digitally automated tasks offers several benefits. Here at RevX, we are trying to apply A.I. and machine learning intelligence to automate various tasks, which will give a significant competitive advantage to modern-day enterprise customers. Some of the most prominent benefits include cost savings, increased efficiency, streamlined processes, and boosted productivity.

How would you describe RevX in a nutshell?

In a nutshell, RevX is an “all-in-one stop shop” for clients’ programmatic advertising needs which include app installs, engagement, and retargeting.

With RevX’s technology, one can fulfill all their app growth needs by driving more value from their app with a full-funnel advertising strategy through a complete programmatic approach. Our technology is backed with advanced Machine Learning and A.I. technologies and, at the same time, is entirely transparent and vigilant about fraud.


How has RevX helped you grow as a professional? 

Being treated as an active part of a team’s development demonstrates confidence and concern for the organization’s future.

Everyone in the company is treated as an essential member, which generates a feeling of equality within the organization and creates a beautiful working space. In addition, it gives an employee a sense of significance, community, and being valued.

RevX has granted me exactly this by listening and giving me a voice within the organization. It also encouraged my professional development by defining a solid development plan. 

The last and the most crucial point is the trust that my manager and the company show encourages me to explore and help me to continue to excel in my professional goals.

What do you think about team management and communication? Does it help you grow effectively?

Communication plays a very important role in team building and extracting the best out of the team members. A team member must clearly understand what his fellow team members are up to. Every employee should be extremely clear about their roles and responsibilities in the team.

And it is the PM’s duty to guide the engineering team and delegate responsibilities as per the interest and specializations of each team member while always keeping in mind our business goals.

We are curious to know who you’re as a person outside of RevX! 

With the Pandemic and the work from home mode on, I don’t see much happening outside the house. But yes, while at home and after my work is completed, most of my time is spent with my son and helping my wife to cook different new dishes (I’m an explorer here too).

And over the weekend, I enjoy spending some time in my Studio jamming new tunes and beats with a chilled beer as a companion.

But let me mention that before the Pandemic, I was a person who liked traveling to unexplored places and enjoyed the serenity of nature.

When it comes to MarTech Products, what are some essential things a product manager should consider? 

Product management has an evolutionary, market-oriented focus on continuous change, unlike classic project management, which typically runs towards a finite ending.

As with other kinds of product managers, Martech managers often find that this environment is ideal for agile management. A typical day-in-the-life of a MarTech Product Manager could lie around the following tasks:

🔹 Researching user needs and technology capabilities to address them.

🔹 Identifying concrete use cases to be solved or improved.

🔹 Making clear decisions and prioritizing projects.

🔹 Balancing centralization & decentralization, automation & humanization.

🔹 Influencing our users to apply the capabilities we deploy successfully.

Tell us a quote that has motivated or inspired you. 

“At the heart of every Product person, there’s a desire to make someone’s life easier or simpler. If we listen to the customer and give them what they need, they’ll reciprocate with love and loyalty to your brand.”– Francis Brown, Product Development Manager at Alaska Airlines



Dhruvi Lalchandani

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