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We caught up with Abhay Jogekar, our senior SDE, and learned about his AdTech journey. 
He’s one of the key players in our team, working behind the scenes to make all the tech magic happen. 

Let’s rewind a bit: How did your tech journey kick off?
What sparked your interest in engineering, paving the way for your adventures in AdTech?

Like every ’90s kid, it was games that introduced me to computers.

Technology fascinated me and I knew at a very early age that I wanted to be as close to computers as possible. However, I got a real taste of what programming can do when I got introduced to C++ in high school.
When your program executes perfectly, it’s like magic. ✨

I got hooked on that feeling and then Computer Science was the only way forward for me. Since then, I have honed my skills, met many talented people during my Masters and my career, and solved lots of complex problems.

Yet the rush of executing a perfect project is the same as it was when I wrote my first code in C++.

What do you like the most about working with your team?
How do you manage the dynamics while working remotely?

I am fortunate to be working with a group of talented individuals.
Everyone is highly skilled at their strengths and everyone learns by bouncing ideas off each other. At RevX, creativity and learning are encouraged, helping all of us get out of our shells and providing room for innovation.

But the best part about this team is the collaboration. Everyone in our team is highly available and when there is any issue to resolve, everyone is eager to pitch in. We figured out remote work quite fast actually. We checked up on each other and had exhaustive technical discussions and daily stand-ups. It ended up creating a close group that worked together in sync.

How does working in an AdTech company differ from other tech roles, and what unique opportunities does it present for tech professionals?

The most fascinating part of AdTech for me is the sheer scale of it.
There are different entities with major responsibilities that work together perfectly on a huge volume of data, to deliver high performance.
It’s beautiful to watch the tech work!

And the best thing is the fact that every project I work on has a visible impact.
Due to the vast nature of AdTech, professionals with expertise in almost any technology can find a place in the industry.

AdTech has always been a frontrunner in leveraging AI. In a year headlined by all things AI, what excites you the most about its potential in programmatic advertising

A lot of what we do relies on using the right set of data points. We use predictive analysis on a huge set of data to determine which ad would drive a conversion. With a year filled with new developments in the field, I am excited to see how it will help our exceptional data science team innovate further.

Your advice to tech professionals wanting to break into the AdTech domain?

Adtech is filled with exciting problems to solve and you will be solving complex backend problems but the real world of AdTech is visible when you step back and look at the bigger picture.

So being technically strong is a given but don’t be afraid to go beyond the scope of your role. Be bold, explore the domain and it becomes really fun.

Beyond the binary, what’s your go-to activity when the workday ends?

I do a bit of everything. I play sports, Xbox, or go out with friends and family, depending on the day.

I love football so the most exciting thing I have started recently is the podcast with my friends where we discuss football, and explore our knowledge with a bit of banter. It’s super fun and allows my creative side to flourish in a totally different way.

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