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Our team is fresh off our “MAU-cation” at MAU 2024, a premier event for mobile growth and marketing professionals. RevX sponsored the event for the first time April 2-4th 2024 at the MGM Grand Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. We were royally flushed with the series of incredible panels, networking opportunities, and realistic market insights tempered with optimism for the future of mobile marketing. Not to mention the engaging conversations we had that will keep us going for some time.

Want to know how we encapsulate three plentiful and intense conference days into one blog post? Read on for a spectacle we didn’t even see David Copperfield attempt!

Our bets are on you! 

MAU hosts the brightest minds and most clever experts in app marketing. Our team at RevX were overjoyed to spend time meeting partners and peers, uncovering the latest trends, and understanding the now and future for mobile app marketing. We also left with optimism regarding many topics such as; the development of AI to improve analytics, process and creative production, the comparative reduced complexity of Google’s Privacy Sandbox versus Apple’s SKAN, the continued appetite for M&A, and the evolution of all app genres and app products.

Pull up a chair, let’s get comfy 

We’re grateful to all that passed by the RevX Lounge at the Exhibitors’ Hall; whether you chilled out on the spacious yellow couch or cozied up to a meeting with us on a bright velour chair, it was a pleasure to share what makes RevX’s data science-backed technology tick. We could share our passion for programmatic DSPs (particularly RevX) all day, but we’re equally thankful for the chance to listen to what moves you! We had on hand additional insight from our latest guide: Incrementality Testing for App Marketers, that offers expertise leading to campaigns with better attribution and how to gain a bird’s eye view of user-brand relations. Download your copy here.

Did somebody say Retargeting?

Success in the mobile app landscape can be like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and not all are equipped to hit the jackpot. With real-time-bidding faster than you can say Blackjack, RevX is committed to leading hundreds of global clients to unearth those valuable coins! App marketers are becoming more interested in improving retention and revenue for their titles, and understanding Retargeting can help.

Additionally, creative and DCO (dynamic creative optimization) is top of mind, leading to showcase the important connection between data collection, transparency, and creative A/B testing.

Networking and Industry Catch-ups

We took part in a number of events for our partners, all which extended the memories and learnings of MAU. We loved hosting you at:

  • The MAU Vegas VIP App Developer dinner on Wednesday April 3rd
    Multiple courses in an intimate and hip space, with a plethora of new relationships formed. It even ended with :intentional: flaming shots. Who’s coming in 2025?! Let us know your interest via a quick email.
  • Booth 332 on Wednesday and Thursday in the Marquee Ballroom
    The RevX Lounge was designed for comfort. We know Sin City can feel like the city that never sleeps, and with the go-go-go energy of MAU, we wanted to offer the chance to “pass go and collect a breather”.
  • Coffee Cart Sponsorship, Thursday April 4th
    Perhaps America runs on donuts, but we know plenty of mobile marketing professionals that :need: a cup of coffee, especially after a big night out! Thank you thirsty friends for making this a success and finding us in the hallways to geek out over our favorite drink app-lications.

Other Key Takeaways

  • Appetite for acquisition – Sensor Tower’s March 2024 takeover of data.ai was on the tip of the tongue.
  • Ad quality – simple words for a very complex issue. At RevX we are proponents of ad creative that accomplishes both things well: creative brand expression and tailored, non-intrusive experiences for users. An ad landscape with integrity can exist!
  • Rewards – there was more discussion amongst marketers about how to incentivize players, engage them for longer, while attracting with tangible items that make users feel like real winners. More than breadcrumbs, sometimes it’s all about the dough!
  • AI-driven optimizations – more accurate and trustworthy measurement options teamed with the potential of AI will lead to interesting results. Are we about to witness the next-gen of performance marketing and attribution?
  • A world without cookies and IDs will be perplexing for advertisers, but we’re confident innovation–the same innovation that has always been our core differentiator here at RevX over the last 10 years–will quell the fears encompassing these regional and device-specific changes, and allow for further growth in new areas of data intelligence. 

Thank you MAU, it was a pleasure to connect with you in Vegas!

Let’s stay in touch! For industry reports, app growth happenings, and to find us at upcoming events, follow our LinkedIn page. If you need to get in touch or book a meeting with our mobile growth experts, we’re eager to hear from you–contact us. Or look for our team at App Promotion Summit London April 25th, as well as, App Growth Summit in Paris this May. 


Lauren Heineck

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