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Planning a successful mobile marketing strategy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday is crucial for shopping apps to secure and grow their share of wallet. This year, though, the competition to get in front of users is going to be tougher as the world fights a pandemic. Amidst this backdrop, typical in-store sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday are moving to online channels. As many big-box retailers have already announced they would be keeping the shutters down this year to avoid crowding in-store, focus to utilize online mobile and app marketing channels is heightened. 

In the last few years, the push towards mobile channels for Holiday shopping has already been picking up. And trends show that this will continue to accelerate this year. However, retailers and advertisers are forced to also think of renewed approaches to reach the festive user as spending budgets as well as consumer behavior changes due to the impact of the pandemic. To get the most of your ad campaigns, timely planning of ad channels, formats, ad spaces, and inventory will be key in creating an impact. An intelligent app marketing strategy using programmatic techniques can help you to acquire, activate, convert, and retain users not only in the Holiday season but also beyond. 


The RevX Opportunity

Working with a competent programmatic tech partner is the first step towards successful paid media investments. Get in touch with our platform consultant today to deploy efficient performance campaigns and drive higher ROI this Holiday season. With our granular targeting, dynamic ads, intelligent deep-linking, and scale of inventory, we can help you get the most out of your mobile marketing budgets. Schedule a meeting with us today either by clicking here or by dropping us an email at marketing@revx.io to learn more about our solutions.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday shopping is going online this year! Find out how RevX can help you gain users with our powerful programmatic techniques.


Diksha Sahni

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