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Prabhpreet is our Manager, Revenue Operations & Sales. He leads the RevOps function, working closely with the senior team to maximize revenue. This week, we sat with him to understand how he manages to wear multiple hats for RevX and does a commendable job at it!

1. RevOps is a field that has the potential to revolutionize how businesses approach revenue growth. What’s it like to be driving this function for RevX?  

Revenue Operations (RevOps) is a relatively new business function that has gained popularity in recent years, but its concepts and principles have been around for some time.

In a nutshell, RevOps is a function that aims to maximize an organization’s revenue potential. It’s about ensuring end-to-end accountability and alignment of Marketing, Sales, and Service functions throughout the organization’s processes, systems, and workforce. 

 Why is it important, and what do I do at RevX to accelerate revenue?

 🔹 Revenue growth and efficiency:  RevOps is essential for driving revenue growth in a predictable, sustainable, and scalable manner. It can help increase revenue, reduce customer churn, and improve customer lifetime value.  At RevX, I manage a highly comprehensive revenue tracker that updates daily to analyze campaign performance. The primary goal is to enhance customer LTV while minimizing churn. I also oversee sales pipeline performance and outreach efforts to support the team in.

a) closing deals faster, b) booking more meetings, and c) maximizing their win rates.

My goal is to streamline and optimize operations, increasing efficiency and productivity while reducing manual processes and improving collaboration within the revenue team.

🔹 Data-driven decision-making: RevOps relies on data to drive decision-making, enabling organizations to identify areas of opportunity and optimize their operations to drive revenue growth.

At RevX, I use data and analytics to identify trends and patterns that can inform the revenue strategy.

2. You’re an analytical thinker by nature and profession. But what does your creative side look like? Tell us more about it!

Well, I am a professional guitarist and have been actively practicing and playing for the last 12 years. I am not so sure if that counts for or balances my analytical side, though. 
At work, I utilize my creative muscle while prospecting and selling; it involves thinking outside the box, exploring possibilities, and using imagination and intuition to develop innovative solutions.

One recurring hurdle I face while prospecting is not being able to book enough meetings, but I overcome this by devising new solutions. For instance, I recognized that a cold email or omnichannel outreach may not always work, so I created a more customized and personalized multichannel outreach sequence for outbounds. Innovative and effective outreach has an ocean of different combinations, and I try my best to hit the sweet spot.

Analytical thinking, on the other hand, often involves a structured, methodical approach to problem-solving, and that is my middle name! Overall, balancing creative and analytical thinking is crucial in life and work alike, for it empowers us to conquer complexity and achieve our goals.

3. What’s your word of advice to upcoming RevOps professionals?

As a RevOps professional, I go by two mottos: 1) Never settling 2) Constantly innovating

I think RevOps is a very strategically placed role in any organization and can bring about a lot of positive quantitative and qualitative changes.
Three things to keep in mind:

  • 🔹 Improving and revising your Excel and data management skills – Personally, I spend a lot of time on Google Sheets, and knowing the shortcuts, formulas, and pivot tables comes in very handy to analyze and interpret.
  • 🔹 Having a consultative approach – in RevOps, while you will structure/ create a lot of meaningful data, it is important to know what the data entails and your suggestions/ feedback for improving/ increasing revenue using the data.
  • 🔹 Keep your communication clear and relevant. – As RevOps professionals, we liaise with senior management very often, and it is essential to keep your language concise and impactful.

4. Apart from RevOps, you also contribute to sales and customer engagement. How do you strike a balance between wearing these multiple hats?

Part of the RevOps function overlaps a lot with the sales operations responsibilities.
While creating the sales engagement outreach process for RevX, I was very inclined to test out/experiment and close some deals.

Since I was also creating addressable market data and actively using Linkedin Sales Navigator (part of the sales process), I started prospecting and reaching out when I had the bandwidth.

I have been selling in the background for almost a year now, and it greatly helps me perform my RevOps function more effectively as I experience the sales process gaps myself.

5. Tell us a bit about what’s it like to work with your colleagues.

RevOps cannot be a silo; it requires close collaboration with internal departments.
One of my key goals is enablement—removing obstacles that hinder sales, marketing, and customer success teams from generating revenue.

We brainstorm solutions through ad-hoc syncs, fostering quick adoption and relevant feedback, a win-win for all. As a RevOps professional, collaboration with revenue-driving teams is my primary responsibility. At RevX, I’m fortunate to have great colleagues who share our company’s growth vision.

6. What do you do for fun?

I am quite a fitness freak. I love the process of bodybuilding, where I use the same motto I use for work to grow. I enjoy meeting my friends over the weekend, getting a few drinks, talking to new people, etc. Lately, I have been developing some good reading habits and have also taken up some data-related courses on online education websites.
And, my guitar! Nothing like it after a long day. 

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