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Our Behind the Scenes @ RevX series showcases our expert team members who work to serve our clients and develop our state-of-the-art programmatic platform. Get to know the faces behind our brand and the different projects they bring to life.

In Behind the Scenes, we talk with Divya Bhargava, Business Head for our International markets, about her career path, what her regular workday looks like, and what it takes to be successful in the AdTech field.

1. How did you get into AdTech? Tell us how it all started for you.

After a 6 months sabbatical post-working with Tata Teleservices, I joined a start-up specializing in incentivized traffic for Indian app advertisers. Over time, when incentivized traffic took a back seat, we launched an in-house ad network, and that’s when I got a deeper understanding of the AdTech industry (both rewarded and non-rewarded).

2. Tell us about your role at RevX.

My core responsibility is to expand RevX to International Tier 1 geographies by assisting advertisers in achieving their growth goals.

3. What are the next three months looking like for you?

The next three months are critical, where we liaise with advertisers to help them make data-driven decisions. This year is a year of innovation, where brands can stand out by creating meaningful interactions and personalized experiences to drive business growth in this new era of privacy.

4. What does your day as Business Leader look like?

As a business leader, my day definitely starts with coordinating and interacting with the team and setting a plan of action. The programmatic space is ever-evolving, and it’s imperative to look at the data regularly and understand if you are meeting your client’s objectives and, if there is a gap, how we identify and overcome those shortcomings. Also, being accountable for business development in international markets, a lot of my time goes into prospecting and reaching out to the clients with the right solution.

5. What is the most satisfying part of your job?

The most satisfying part of the job is that you are not selling but consulting your clients and offering them solutions that add value to their growth goals, which in return is helping them expand their business into multiple cities, states, and countries. The satisfaction you get by being committed and receiving acknowledgment from your clients is priceless!

6. What’s your biggest learning from working at home?

The biggest learning has been finding the right balance between work and personal life; we can take either for granted. Also, staying connected with your team, peers, and managers in these remote times, not only for work but also at a personal level. To connect with people you work with, you need to add a personal dimension to the relationship; it cannot always be about work. 🙂

7. How has RevX helped you grow as a professional?

RevX gave me international exposure, and made me more customer-centric and highly committed to achieving client growth goals. There are immense learning opportunities in the AdTech and programmatic ecosystem in this privacy-driven era. Working with my manager, Martje, enhanced my learning and team management skills and made me a more serene person both at work and in my personal life.

8. What do you like the most about your team?

It’s the bond that we share and how we support each other in times of distress, especially during the pandemic. I love how they share the same vision and are committed to both the organization’s and our client’s objectives. They do a tremendous job, and I am extremely proud of them.

9. What advice would you give to people aspiring for success in your field?

Be data-driven; everything you analyze and act has to have a data-driven approach. Be curious, keep learning and updating yourself with the latest industry trends, deep dive and brainstorm with internal and external stakeholders, and be customer-centric to the core. Always focus on being a consultant to your clients because happy customers are your best brand ambassadors.

10. What gets you out of bed every day?

Believing in the work I do motivates me to get out of bed in the morning. Interacting with the brightest minds throughout the day keeps me pepped up. Knowing that I have an opportunity to grow every single day keeps me going!

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