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In this chapter, we caught up with Madhuri to chat about her role in Campaign Management and find out what keeps her engaged with her work. Continue reading for a closer look at what happens behind the scenes in the world of ad operations.

1. What gets you out of bed every day?

The thought of interacting with the team, solving problems for clients, and facing a new set of problems motivates me every day. The role I am in daily presents unique challenges, and solving those challenges keep me going.

2. What three words would you use to describe your current job role?

Engaging, enlightening, with lots of learning.

3. What are the biggest challenges in Campaign Management? How do you overcome them?

One of the challenges is ensuring the campaigns are appropriately paced without any technical issues. To overcome this, we ensure that the campaign setup is tested correctly. Continuously optimizing the campaigns till the AdServing Engine learns is key 🔑.

Also, ensuring there are discussions about different types of campaigns within the team helps each individual implement new things. Learning from each other is what matters the most and is the best solution to all challenges.

4. What is your favorite thing about working in an AdTech company?

Before working in AdTech, I never paid attention to the ads shown on my device. After joining this industry, getting to know the science behind Ad Serving excites me. Also, contextual ads – delivering the right ad at the right time to the right people are one of my favorite things.

One more exciting thing about AdTech is it’s continuously changing and evolving, which keeps all of us in this industry learning new stuff.

5. How do you manage to work in unison with other team members and lead a team?

I have always believed that problem-solving is key to anything. I feel that sitting with the team and understanding their problems, either on Campaign Management or any other issue they might be facing, and helping them get through that, increases the sense of trust or belonging within the team.

I do regular catch-up with everyone on my team and make sure we as a whole are progressing. Collective excellence matters the most to me, along with helping each other grow.

6. How do you keep yourself motivated?

I try to excel at what I do: this allows for good results at the end of the day. Solving problems gives me a sense of satisfaction.

Waking up to the thought of new challenges and being grateful for the wonderful team, leadership, and the company keeps me motivated.

7. What do you like doing in your free time?

In my free time, I mostly like going on drives and walks. I also swim and play TT.

8. What advice would you offer other professionals trying to ace a similar job?

Keep learning new things related to the job. Focus on being the best version of yourself and give complete attention to the work at hand.

9. Favorite apps at the moment?

Instagram and Nykaa.

10. A motto you live by.

“There’s no better time than now.”

11. What’s a fun fact that people might not know about you?

Go-to comfort-binge TV shows.

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Marta Gaspar

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