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Erika Plata is our Lead Account Manager – International at RevX.

A valuable member of the International Business team, she has been
making a commendable difference with her commitment to client success.
We had the chance to hear from her about her work, passions, and so much more. 

What does a usual day at RevX look like for you?

The thrill never stops in the International team!

There is always a client awake somewhere in the world, so every day at RevX starts with new challenges and opportunities.
There is always something going on.
Everything revolves around the client and maximizing value for them.
The key is to be in close communication with them and understand their strategies and needs, in order to provide fast solutions that align with their goals.

Each day I talk to at least three clients and we review campaign performance.
Together, we brainstorm actions for continual optimization, while also exploring new strategies to help them grow.

Once aligned with the clients, we organize daily syncs with internal teams to talk execution while balancing our own internal resources. One of the exciting aspects of working for RevX is that our teams are in different locations, with different backgrounds and experiences which makes for rich discussion and brings diverse points of view to the table. And because we are in multiple time zones, RevX never sleeps! When I finish my day, I know that the TSE and Design teams will pick up the baton while I´m still dreaming.

What’s it like to work with big brands? What are some unique challenges that you see?  

Clients are who we live for at RevX. Working with big brands is a major responsibility, but it’s extremely rewarding and fulfilling.
One of the biggest challenges is to manage the exposure and the potential risks that come with a high-profile brand. If something goes wrong, or we manage the client’s expectations incorrectly, there is nowhere to hide!

The number of players in the mobile app retargeting advertising vertical is small, and we all know each other. If something goes wrong, the word will get out, so the stakes are high. It’s crucial to deliver exceptional work that is in alignment with the client’s expectations throughout.

But on the flip side, there is nothing quite like the satisfaction of seeing your strategies in action and learning how we at RevX are contributing to the growth and success of household brands. 

In the fast-moving world of advertising, what is one thing you want app marketers to remember? 

The mobile app market is among the fastest-growing segments.

Every day, people are getting more glued to phones and other smart devices, increasing screen time like never before.
According to the persistence market research,The global mobile application market is estimated to increase to US$ 94.15 Bn by the end of 2024”.

I believe that every company should have a plan to retain their customers.
our highest revenue will always be driven by the top 20-30% of your user base. Ensure that you have a solid plan in place to keep them delighted.

That said, app retention is hard and at RevX with our technology, global reach, and expertise, we help clients acquire and retain high-quality users.

No matter where you are on your app growth journey, we have the right strategies for your unique challenges and growth curve. 

The international team has been making big waves this year! Tell us about the team dynamics that make this possible. 

I would like to quote Micheal Jordan,
“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”. This is how we have been able to make it possible.

Our team spirit starts with our leadership, who have made it very clear from the start that working as a closely coordinated team is the key to delivering value to our global clients. 

We are all very involved in all our accounts and have a clear support structure to help each other. For instance, when someone is unable to respond or is out of the office, another team member will take ownership and respond to the client’s request.

It’s also great to be recognized in the company by our colleagues as a team that is passionate about providing the best support possible.
We strive to meet and exceed our clients’ standards of excellence every day.

Beyond AdTech, what are some of your other passions or interests?

I love music, sports, and, of course, my family!

One of my biggest passions is going to concerts.
Any time I have the opportunity to go and see an artist that I like, I jump at it.
By the way, do you happen to have tickets for Taylor Swift’s concert in Madrid? 😉 

I also love horseback riding. I have been riding since I was little and have an immense passion for animals. And I love all racket sports!
However, my biggest passion of all is spending time with my family, spending the weekends together, playing with my kids, or traveling.

Interested in joining our RevX team? We’re hiring!


Shreelaxmi PB

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