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Yiwen Wong is our Lead Account Manager handling the SEA market.
We caught up with her to understand the dynamics of her work and what that means to her. 

Tell us a bit about your role. What do you like the best about it?

I am the Lead Account Manager responsible for managing and maintaining business relationships in the SEA market, developing business strategies to increase sales and revenue, and overseeing the work of the account management team.

I enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of building strong relationships with clients, helping them achieve their business goals, and leading a team to success. With the huge responsibility to maintain growth by expanding our portfolio, I collaborate with direct brands and agencies in the SEA region, monitor industry trends closely, and identify possible opportunities for RevX.

What’s the most exciting thing about working in the SEA market?

The SEA market is fast growing, diverse, and culturally rich. It’s a region marked by its many different languages, customs, and traditions. This presents unique challenges and opportunities for business to gain constant new insights and perspectives.

Every country differs vastly, in terms of language, consumer behavior, values, expectations, and therefore, a fitting marketing strategy. Our skilled experts in RevX are experienced in crafting and managing User Acquisition (UA) and Retargeting (RT) campaigns which cater towards our clients using AI and comprehensive data science technology.

In order to gain an additional share of voice in the competitive landscape of the SEA region, we utilize creative innovation to develop customized advertisements for different audience groups, resulting in super high CTR and engagement rate.  

What’s it like to work with big brands? What are some unique challenges that you see?

Managing key accounts can be a challenging yet rewarding experience as big brands have high expectations and strict brand guidelines. Hence, we need to deliver quality work that is  aligned with the client’s goals and values and adhere to strict deadlines consistently.

We often arrange;
– brainstorming sessions to tackle technical issues
– develop new ideas to scale performance and maximize impact
– and networking sessions to build and nurture relationships.

Your advice to app marketers worried about marketing during uncertain times?

During periods of economic uncertainty, app marketers can take several steps to mitigate risks and identify unique opportunities amid the challenges.

Some things that can help;
– developing a deep understanding of changing consumer behavior
– exploring new marketing channels to reach customers
– developing contingency plans.

Post-covid resulted in both good and bad impacts for several industries. For example, F&B and travel industries have gained multiple positive folds in terms of revenue. Now, with the economic uncertainty in the picture, consumer behavior and spending habits are rapidly evolving. App marketers should base their communication strategy around the new sentiments and position their app in a new light.

What do you like the most about working with your team?

Our young and vibrant team consists of highly-skilled individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences creating a sustainable support-system within the organization leading to greater efficiency and achievement of common goals.

We are supportive and efficient in completing daily tasks despite working remotely. I enjoy working in RevX as there is no hierarchy (everyone is equal) and every team member is friendly and approachable. Working in RevX allows me to balance between work and leisure time to avoid burnout and promote overall well-being.

What makes life fun outside of work?

I like traveling and spending quality time with my loved ones. I have checked a few countries in my to-go list last year and am currently planning for many more adventurous trips this year with my friends and family.


Shreelaxmi PB

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