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App Retargeting

Grow, retain and monetize users with powerful and immersive advertising

Privacy-ready Campaigns

Blended campaigns targeting opted-out users: future-ready and privacy compliant.

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User Acquisition

Obtain real, high-quality users and guide them past the install.

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Retarget your users through their entire app journey.

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Performance Branding

Drive awareness, inspire and build brand affinity through data-powered targeting and optimizations.

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Creative Innovation

Diverse and engaging ad formats create higher impact and performance

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World-class programmatic technology lays the foundation for your app growth

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The power of trust, transparency & technology at your fingertips


Advertising lives through its delivery. We leverage inventory sources granularity based on performance.

Dynamic real-time targeting

We connect with every single user individually to make the most out of your budget.


We leverage creatives towards empathy, relevance and engagement to achieve the best performance.

Transparency & Incremental results

100% transparency for every impression served and on App Site level.


We leverage on deep-learning algorithms for bid optimisation on all funnel stages to reach the most valuable users.


Our platform detects and excludes suspicious and fraudulent bid requests to ensure ads are served to only real users.

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