The Mobile Gaming Insights 2020 [Infographic]

In 2020, the mobile gaming industry is predicted to exceed a volume of $52 Billion. Some unforeseen events have worked in favor of the gaming industry. The impact of COVID-19 across different regions has resulted in a significant spike among mobile games, resulting in some major changes in the mobile gaming insights.

Various gaming genres, including shooters, gambling, deck-building, arcade, and platformers, have grown by more than 25% between December 2019 and March 2020.

There are various reasons why gaming category has seen this growth:
⦿ During the lockdown, users have more free time to stay at home and play games.
⦿ With sporting events canceled or postponed, mobile games are replacing them as the source of entertainment.

Marketers in the mobile gaming industry can see this as a ripe opportunity to acquire more gamers for their game as well as convert them for profitable transactions. However, with this opportunity, there are particular challenges too. In this infographic, we have discussed those challenges, such as user acquisition, engagement, retention, and in-app purchases.

Mobile marketing for gaming apps differs from the marketing practices of other app segments. Therefore, to overcome the marketing challenges, you need a custom strategy that focuses more on gamers at every stage with precision.

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Mobile Gaming Insight 2020 Infographic

Retention is a key challenge in the gaming industry and you need a strategic approach to address that and drive more in-app purchases. RevX's is powered by aiCube which relies on multi-level processing of the data intelligence to deliver quality user acquisition as well as conversion.

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