User Acquisition

Data-led programmatic algorithms to acquire quality users through predictive modeling.




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Acquire high intent new users for your App

From booking a subscription to even streaming the 1st song, drive meaningful actions in your app

Affinity & lookAlike modeling

Affinity & look-alike modeling
for audience outreach

Acquire new users similar to your most engaged users. Our algorithms build app profiles and identify users who are most likely to take action post-install and target them with ads across the RTB ecosystem.

Predictive modeling

Predictive modeling for
bidding optimizations

RevX continuously learns and adjusts budgets, ad exposures and other targeting parameters to achieve optimized cost per install and higher engagement post install.

100% Transparency

100% Transparency and
dynamic install ads

Self Serve dashboard provides visibility at site/app level for every impression served and click/event thus generated. Move a step ahead to increase app install and engagement rate by personalizing ads.

Drive mobile conversions with cutting
edge data science algorithms

Build meaningful engagements with customers across food tech, E-commerce, travel & tourism, gaming or more

Harness your data to find new users

Harness your data to find new users
waiting to connect with You

Reach real people on mobile waiting to discover or re-engage with your brand

Combat ad fraud & onboard quality users
with publisher level checks

RevX's aiCube algorithms filters brand unsafe fraudulent publisher and
applies algorithms to rank every publisher based on programmatic attributes, app store data & historical campaigns. Get massive reach programmatically.

Combat ad fraud & onboard quality users
Spend money where it counts

Spend money where it counts - ROI focused user acquisition platform

Programmatic user acqusition makes your impression meaningful for customers. Let aiCube apply machine learning and data intelligence to match every impression to the right target audience, and send personalized bids at right place to relevant customers, where it counts.

Use cases - user acquisition & conversions

Leverage programmatic marketing to drive meaningful actions on your mobile



Onboard potential users. drive app install programmatically

Food & Beverages

Food & Beverages

Upsell & cross-sell buyers to drive repeat transactions with interstitial ads

Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism

Help travelers discover more destinations or drive hotel bookings basis past transactions with video ads



Help customers to connect with your app and drive incremental transactions online

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Use cases - user acquisition & conversions

Leverage programmatic marketing to drive meaningful actions on your mobile

Case Study - Programmatic Mobile Marketing

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Looking for a full funnel programmatic ad platform to drive engagements, acquire new users or grow conversions?