Programmatic Marketing With
App Intelligence

Leverage mobile advertising with confidence
on high-quality certified apps

Make your advertising
adware and malware proof

Bid only on
quality inventory

Use precise publisher
data targeting

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Verify Against App Store Data

Advertise only on verified apps for higher ROI

Many users install uncertified apps through sideloading or jailbreaking, which publishers/ad-networks monetize through programmatic channels. With aiCube, you can choose to advertise only with Google and iOS store certified apps, filtered by publishing status, app and user rating to ensure your campaigns are adware and malware proof.

Precise publisher level targeting

aiCube brings app store metadata of publishers to the programmatic ecosystem to validate package name, add missing information or fix incorrect properties. This ensures the most precise publisher data targeting (e.g., app category, app name) for brand and performance campaigns.

Precise Publisher Data Targeting
Smart Filtering for Quality

Smart filtering for quality focused advertising

Our smart filtering system removes bid-requests real-time based on several parameters such as app store status, user reviews, bids per user, valid advertising ID, IP address and several others. The engine ensures that we only bid on quality inventory for your marketing campaigns.

App Intelligence For Acquiring Customers Programmatically

App intelligence for programmatic user acquisition

Onboard new customers with data-driven marketing using dynamic installs & predictive modeling

  • 100% Transparency
  • Propensity & affinity modeling based reach out
  • Conversions focused algorithms

App intelligence for mobile retargeting

ROI focused mobile retargeting with data signals to drive conversions

  • Lift studies with focus on incrementality
  • Machine learning based dynamic retargeting
  • Carousel based immersive ad formats
App intelligence for mobile retargeting
App intelligence for programmatic brand advertising

App intelligence for programmatic brand advertising

Create meaningful relationships. Reach out to customers looking for you

  • Brand safe advertising
  • Data driven targeting
  • Publisher level filtering

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