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The curtain has risen on AppsFlyer’s Performance Index, a much-awaited moment of truth for the app marketing community. We are honored to be recognized as a global leader in the app marketing space in the latest edition.

At RevX, we are deeply rooted in the app marketing community and have been helping app businesses scale new heights. These rankings are an acknowledgment of our collective efforts, and in this blog, we take a moment to reflect upon this journey. 

Top Rankings: Excellence across Verticals and Regions

RevX wins top ranks on the AppsFlyer Performance Index 16.

Global #8 Ranking (All Categories, Non-gaming):

  • We’re not just playing in one league – we’re excelling across categories globally. Ranked eighth overall, this recognition is a nod to our team’s commitment and the robust tech that powers RevX. 

#3 in Shopping for APAC:

  • We’ve not just set up shop in Asia-Pacific; we’ve become the third-largest player in the shopping category. Our growing presence in the region is a testament to our expertise and adaptability as we take eCommerce brands to new heights. 

#7 in Shopping (Global):

  • Shopping knows no borders, and neither do we. Securing the seventh position globally isn’t just a number—it’s a story of our tech expertise, a keen understanding of what makes consumers tick (and click ;)), and the massive reach we’ve achieved over the years. 

#7 in Life and Culture (APAC):

  • Seventh in Life and Culture in APAC – a delightful acknowledgment of our versatility and ability to connect with users from all walks of life.

We are delighted that RevX has secured an impressive 3rd position in the shopping rankings by Appsflyer in APAC. What this technically means is that we are ranked #1 outside of the self-regulated networks.

This is an apt nod to our robust tech and a rockstar team that works tirelessly and smartly.
Our data science models understand the shopping landscape across geographies, which is reflected in our #7 global ranking (in volume).

But this isn’t just limited to shopping; our tech and team are dedicated to delivering exponential results regardless of the category. This achievement comes down to the dedication, talent, and innovative spirit of RevX. Looking forward to some phenomenal growth across markets and categories in next year’s ranking.”

– Shobith Parmar, Sales Director, RevX

RevX Journey: Made for Growth, Built for App Marketers

Year after year, our trajectory has been an upward climb, reaffirming our commitment to being “Made for Growth, Built for App Marketers.”

A look at RevX’s Approach and Strengths:

Team and Presence:

  • In over a decade, RevX, an Affle Company, has been simplifying the complex world of programmatic advertising. Our team spread across 10+ cities worldwide, is a powerhouse collaborating with diverse app marketers, driving numerous success stories.

Tech and Talent:

  • It’s a blend of robust technology and exceptional talent. We’ve got the tech wizards, the product masters, and the data science experts – all working together to give RevX an edge that sets us apart.

Ad Creative Innovation:

  • We get it – attention spans are shorter than ever. So, we’ve innovated intelligent ad formats that not only captivate but resonate. Hyper-personalization is our forte, and our dynamic ads for shopping apps prove just how effective it is.


  • No smoke and mirrors here. Transparency is not just a principle; it’s our way of doing business. Clients get a backstage pass to their campaigns, with granular insights into performance and results.

Our Growth in the Gaming Sector

At RevX, our tech and expertise specifically cater to the mobile apps space. Right from the start, our focus has been on diverse app verticals; gaming, eCommerce, finance, travel, life, and culture, among many others. While our global #8 for all categories (non-gaming) reflects our thorough cross-app expertise, there’s a vibrant story unfolding in the gaming realm.

From hypercasual and mid-core to Real-money gaming, our tech and team stand tall, driving impressive conversions and retention rates to clients across the globe.

While we might not have every stat under the spotlight, what we do have is a story of growth, innovation, and a deep-rooted connection with the diverse gaming landscape.

From all the extensive solutions; measurement, analytics, visibility, and security, we hugely thank Appsflyer for everything they do. The mobile app industry would not be where it is if it wasn’t for their support, resources, and knowledge. We’ve progressed in knowing more than we did yesterday to maximize LTV and ROI from insights to implementation., testing and growth.

The Performance Index Series, since 2015, is a great scorecard for marketers to see where media sources rank in this ever-changing industry, from the titans of Google, Apple, and Meta to rising sources like RevX who all play a part in the performance media landscape.”
Nick Kramskoy, Head of Growth, International 


We extend our heartfelt thanks to the AppsFlyer team for this stellar initiative.
Initiatives like the Performance Index aren’t just recognitions; they’re opportunities for the industry to reflect and grow.

We’re honored to play a role in that narrative. Here’s to more rankings, more growth, and more stories to tell. Cheers to the journey!


Nikita Shrivastava

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