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Tomohisa Akiba is our Business Director for Japan. He has been expanding RevX’s business in the Japanese market for nearly three years now.
As a part of our #behindthescenes series, we caught up with him to learn about his work and the Japanese market. 

🔷 How has your journey in the AdTech industry been?  

My entry into the AdTech industry was somewhat unique as I began my journey as an engineer for analog semiconductors. It was worlds apart from the AdTech industry.
That’s when I had the chance to use a natural language processing AI.
This was the turning point that brought me into the AdTech industry. But looking back, I have always been interested in new and innovative technologies like RevX.

Since then, it’s been quite the journey. I find it fascinating that there’s such a versatile range of AdTech solutions. Not just on the supply side and the demand side but also beyond that; attribution models, web/app, User acquisition, retargeting, branding, etc. I love working in this complicated and exciting AdTech ecosystem.

🔷 What are some exciting things about the Japanese market? Tell us more about your experience heading this market for RevX. 

It is really exciting to show Japanese advertisers a completely new and strong solution that they have never tried before. Many marketers tend to be hesitant to try new things.
While it’s not easy and takes a long time, it’s important to explain our solution logically, carefully, clearly, and emotionally. I’m pleased that many of our clients have seen their best performance ever after working with RevX.

🔷 Japan being an iOS-dominated market, how does RevX target and engage with iOS users?

Retargeting is how one communicates with important existing users. iOS users who have opted in are especially very important because we know that they did it intentionally, which means that they will be more receptive to retargeting campaigns. Hence, retargeting on iOS is a powerful tool to increase engagement and improve retention rates. RevX uses hyper-granular segmentation to manage a variety of users optimally. The platform is excellent at optimizing bidding prices for each audience and using intelligent segmentation at the creative level to scale campaigns.

🔷 What’s the most satisfying part of your role? 

I can do everything possible to expand RevX in Japan.

🔷 What is one challenge that the AdTech industry should solve in 2023? 

Many marketers instinctively know that branding ads are important and want to try them, but it is challenging to demonstrate the results clearly. This is a key problem that the industry needs to get better at solving. We need a solution that might not be clearly provable in numbers but seems right to everyone. Perhaps both measurement platforms and solutions (demand side and supply side) can work together for a more unified solution. 

🔷 What do you like to do outside of work? 

Watching movies in theaters, listening to music, traveling and camping with my family, solo running, drinking with friends, and most importantly, sleeping without worries. : )

At RevX, we care about passing the mic on to each of our employees. While our tech enables us, it’s our employees that empower us and drive impact!
Interested in joining our RevX team? We’re hiring! 


Nikita Shrivastava

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