Winning on Programmatic Advertising during IPL 2021 – Report

Are you glued to your devices following the games? You're not alone. We're in the midst of the IPL season once more, and mobile users are eager to stream and watch the games and get all the latest updates on results. 

On Indian Premier League can only be one winner, but every vertical has something to gain during this season in the mobile business world. IPL is a massive crowd puller, even more so virtually. Engagement and revenue growth opportunities abound for mobile apps willing to bet on solid advertising plans during this particular period.

This season is all about sports and entertainment. The IPL fever extends to different mobile industries, with cricket aficionados spending more time on streaming apps, mobile games, and food delivery apps that fuel hungry fans.

Big wins for OTT, mobile gaming, and food delivery

IPL is one of the top seasons when user engagement skyrockets on both OTT and mobile gaming apps. Streaming apps are one of the fastest-growing mobile verticals in India, and the pandemic conditions have accelerated that growth. Food tech platforms also experience an average of 18 to 30% increase in daily orders during IPL.

For food delivery, IPL marks a special opportunity to promote relevant offers onto the bellies of willing mobile users. Swiggy presents a successful case of using a carefully planned programmatic strategy over the last year to drive a 177% increase in new users, 2.4x more app installs, and 3.2x more orders. Similar strategies can be applied to seasonal periods like IPL.

The stage is set for mobile businesses to launch great advertising campaigns because the audience is willing and available in mobile channels during this period. 

Using programmatic to spur ad performance during IPL season 

The competition battle might be fierce, but there is space for multiple brands to shine. Planning a catered programmatic strategy for this season will grant you incremental rewards. 

Here's how to quickly build up your programmatic campaigns for the IPL season: 

🔹 Adjust your budgets: With the IPL shift to a more digital environment in 2020 and 2021 and user spend shift, it makes sense to invest in your advertising budget.

🔹 Aim for relevance: Know your users and capitalize on relevant behaviors for this particular season. Draw your campaigns around specific offerings that are more suitable to your users. 

🔹 Build purposeful messages: narrate a great story around your offerings, pick and highlight one to two key messages.

🔹 Plan strategically and act fast: create specific goals for your campaign sets and space out the campaigns throughout the season. Think of what you want to communicate before IPL starts, during, and after.

🔹 Strive for high engagement: Experiment with different ad formats and choose the most engaging ones. Videos and animations are a great way to stand out. 

Check our free IPL 2021 report for trends and insights on all to build a winning programmatic strategy for your mobile app, covering eSports, food delivery, entertainment, and fintech verticals. 

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Marta Gaspar

Marta, Marketing Director at RevX, is a digital marketer by training and a content strategist with 11 years of experience. She specializes in driving growth through digital and content campaigns. She's passionate about data-driven stories and turning ideas into prose.