Strategising with RevX

Another day begins with customers expecting a further growth in their revenue and high quality performance. Our Retargeting Platform RevX is designed to keep all requirements at one place with a smart design to meet customer’s expectations.

We at RevX, understand the importance of transactions/visits and the ROI expectations of clients. So the built-in model and machine learning algorithms around CPC/CPT (cost per click/cost per transaction) aim to bid relevantly based on campaign, inventory and user signals. This helps in optimizing the campaign to drive required scale and quality visits/transactions at minimal RTB inventory costs from SSP’s.



So is the campaign performance dependent on the prediction model alone?

The Account Managers at RevX play a very important role in controlling and driving performance of the accounts. In this post, I would like to walk you through RevX Operations andhopefully, by the end of reading this, you would know how Campaign Strategies are tested and applied by RevX Account Managers to give the best possible performance for advertisers

What is a Strategy?

The actual flight/placements responsible for ad-serving are termed Strategies in RevX. It provides the metrics to control budget, creatives, and frequency capping and audience segments to be targeted. It is crucial to identify and target the correct user base to get optimum ROI. For this, we not only target audience across different user funnels but also try combination of audience funnels.

The Account Managers at RevX play an important role in designing the theme of accurate Dynamic creative Ads and its messaging content around the available offers, discounts and coupons for each of these strategies. They further fine-tune the audience buckets by firing the available SQL queries to RevX’s User Data Store and fetch the information regarding user activity on advertiser website. This helps derive a user level conversion trend for the account which proves very effective. The optimization towards the inventory sources, user win-ratios and unique users reach across the strategies and audience helps scaling the performance further with minimum spends.

Which Strategies can be made?

Keeping the Advertiser’s goal in mind we build strategies across different user level funnels from Category browsing pages to Conversion Thank you page. RevX provides the CPC and CPA bid pricing models and allows us to adjust the flowrates. In the direction of optimizing these strategies, the relative audience buckets can be split into more meaningful set of users. First with the help of short experiment on specific combinations and secondly with SQL query results regarding user sessions. For example we tried optimizing a specific audience funnel by separating out some users with specific actions and behaviour in past – which can look like ‘X funnel AND Y behaviour’. Further with the help of SQL query fired to the user data store we derived the optimum user behaviour across multiple variables which results in enhanced probability of conversion. After testing these different users of a specific bucket we could clearly see that Smarter the user bucket segment around that funnel, higher was the conversion ratio.

How many Strategies can be made?

We can set up any number of strategies but it is really important to go granular with strategies and filter out the ones that have no scope of improvement. To start with we can have different strategies across audiences from different funnel positions created across Web and Social inventories and creatives. These can be further broken down in specific recent audiences as per behaviour and also combination of two or more audiences. These strategies are further optimized towards specific inventory providers, creatives, win-ratios and unique user reach across the audiences. The strategies with less spent and higher returns/conversions are then bid for aggressively to maintain competitive user win rate and further boost the ROI for the account and the remaining are fine-tuned ahead in case of average performance.    

With a mix of meaningful Retargeting Model, Dynamic creatives, User Data Store Audiences and Account Manager’s efforts on optimization, we successfully derive on statistics that suggests the right combination of audience and metrics helping our client to get the maximum ROI.

Sandip Acharyya