Drowning in Data, but Starving for Insights: SliceX to the Rescue [Infographic]

Reporting and analysis are some of the most crucial responsibilities of a marketer. While there have been revolutionary changes in the way programmatic advertisements reach the users, the reporting part is still pretty much spreadsheet-confined.

As RevX strives to offer a complete tool for marketers, we ensure that we are working towards perfecting every part of advertising. While continually improving data science of our Demand Side Platform to reach users with the right recommendations to deliver optimum results, we have also developed a reporting platform that gives marketers more visibility into meaningful data to make smarter decisions. We call this reporting platform as SliceX.

Meet SliceX

Don't waste time just looking at the reports, but understand your campaigns and make smarter decisions.

SliceX is a reporting platform that integral part of the RevX Demand Side Platform (DSP). SliceX enables advertisers to go beyond traditional reporting with an easier analysis of various dimensions and metrics. Over a simplistic dashboard, you can build reports for different timeframes to understand your campaigns from different aspects. Here is what makes SliceX so valuable for advertisers:

1. Easy Analysis

The simplistic dashboard of SliceX allows you to visualize the campaign performance across multiple dimensions with few easy clicks. So, you do not need to apply multiple filters and formulas to your spreadsheets.

2. Transparency

It gives you access to your campaign performance metrics with accurate and transparent reporting at every step.

3. Trend Spotting

With SliceX, you move beyond staring rows and columns to analyze the campaign performance patterns. The robust data science in the backend gives you a switch to the swift yet detailed analysis in graphical format from data to trends to actions.

Click on the image below to download its PDF version:

SliceX is not only your tool to analyze the data, but it allows you to present the performance of your campaigns with the Mobile Marketing Platform. So you do not have to carry excel sheets or presentations as you can simply log in the present the performance to the stakeholders. Its easy and quick functionalities ensure that you can answer their queries spontaneously.

To know more about SliceX, you can schedule a session with our platform consultants by writing to us at marketing@affle.com.

Nishant kadian

Nishant Kadian takes care of content marketing for Affle. With RevX, he likes sharing his learning on the programmatic ad technologies that enable advertisers with branding, user acquisition and retargeting.