RevX Powered Post-Install App Engagement

We launched performance advertising platform for mobile app about six months ago in India and South East Asia, and have made significant progress in helping app developers grow post-install engagement through our data-powered, programmatic platform. RevX helps app developer engage with their app users on 15000 other distinct apps with highly-targeted, personalized ads, and automatically optimizes media buy to deliver on marketers ROI goals.

At RevX, we are big believers in the power of programmatic/automation, and we have witnessed massive growth in scale of app inventory and reach through our RTB partners. Now that we have been successfully running re-engagement marketing for top commerce apps in India and South East Asia, we are happy to share some stats on the scale in India and Indonesia, two of the biggest market in this region.  INDIA

1. RevX has access to about 25.7 billion monthly mobile app impressions across 17000 distinct apps through our RTB partners.

2. This represents about 73.5 million unique app users. This gives RevX reach far greater than any other app in the market (except few global apps).

3. Out of 25.7 billion monthly ad impressions, RevX accesses 8.8 billion (34%) high quality native ad impressions that performs at least 2X better on both click and conversion metrics over normal banner ads.

4. India is clearly an Android market – 93% of inventory & users are on Android and 7% on iOS. INDONESIA

1. In Indonesia, RevX accesses about 27.2 billion monthly mobile app impressions across 15000 distinct apps on Android and iOS platform.

2. This represents about 39 million unique app users. One striking difference between India and Indonesia is the ratio between total RTB ad impressions and unique users. Indonesia has twice as many programmatic app impressions per user compared to that in India.

3. Out of 27.2 billion monthly ad impressions, 8 billion (29%) impressions are high quality native ads.

4. Indonesia platform ecosystem is very similar to India – 92% of inventory & users are on Android and 8% on iOS.

These stats reinforces the power of programmatic and how technology is changing the traditional media aggregation and distribution model. RevX can tap into massive amount of quality app inventory without significant publisher development cost, and deliver scale and performance for your post-install engagement marketing. The magic is really in our ability to reach most (if not all) of your app users with personalized ads across tens of thousands of other apps through RTB.

Handling billions of app ad calls daily in a cost efficient manner imposes a significant technology challenge. When we started investing in mobile app advertising, we soon realized that app RTB ecosystem is still evolving in terms of controls exchanges offer to filter the requests.

In the web world, RTB partners can send the callouts selectively based on the cookie match that is not the case for app inventory. Most RTB partners are not able to send callouts selectively for targetable device IDs. RevX’s modular and horizontally scalable architecture enables us to listen to the firehose of mobile RTB traffic and smartly filter at the first point of interaction in the pipeline so as to operate the downstream modules cost efficiently, and respond to RTB callouts in 

At RevX, our mission is to make mobile advertising simple and effective through technology!

Mukesh Agarwal