Report: Winning in Fantasy Cricket-Based Apps Using Programmatic Ads to Acquire and Retarget Users

It is often said that in India cricket is a religion! When India plays a cricket match, the entire nation is glued to their TV sets. Cricket players are almost reverent in the country and every young person in India has grown up playing cricket in their neighborhood lanes (called gully cricket). Those who don’t play actively, also follow the cricket stars and their lives. Cricket fans in India closely follow the game, which invariably means that they also have an opinion on the game and/or the players. 

It is no surprise, then, that when the Indian online gaming market grew, fantasy cricket-based apps found an affinity with the sporting fans. The user-base for these apps goes beyond the large metro cities. With the new season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) underway, there is a lot of exciting cricketing action going on, which translates into a ripe opportunity for advertisers to gain more active paying users and increase conversions, as people are actively involved with these apps in the absence of attending live matches due to the pandemic.

Our latest report dives into the exciting field of fantasy gaming apps and explores the challenges as well as opportunities for advertisers. Download our insightful toolkit and get started to acquire, engage, convert, and retain more users in this growing app segment!

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Rohit CM

An experienced B2B marketing professional with a rich experience in digital marketing and product marketing. He likes sharing his thoughts and new innovations that are happening on the programmatic ad technologies that enable advertisers with branding, user acquisition and retargeting.