Programmatic Guide to Making the Most of IPL Season for Mobile Apps in India

In normal circumstances, IPL would dominate every cricket aficionado attention for weeks and weeks. This would usually be a season when brands would create seasonal campaigns around this season to reach mobile users with specially crafted campaigns.

Why is this such an important period for mobile advertisers? IPL is a season when app businesses in key verticals see an increased engagement and can create incremental revenue opportunities. We're talking not only about mobile esports but also food delivery, streaming apps and e-wallets.

Check the report to find out the main trends and how to best plan your programmatic campaigns for the IPL season.

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May 2021: We acknowledge the severe crisis that India faces amidst a new vague of Covid during this year's IPL season. Our thoughts are with all affected by this tragic situation.

Marta Gaspar

Marta is a digital marketer and a content strategist with 11 years of experience turning ideas into prose and campaigns. She likes to stay updated on the mobile marketing scene and often writes about AdTech.