Optimize Campaigns in a Flash with ‘Bulk Edit Strategy’ Feature

Up until now, we haven't done a great job of keeping you informed about our launches. To fix that we are introducing a new Product Release series which will be highlighting all the improvements and new feature roll-ups we launch, so you can easily stay up-to-date on what's new. Let's delve into our August release.

We have introduced a new feature Bulk Edit of Strategiesin our platform that allows Account Managers and Self-Serve Advertisers to update strategies for various targeting and optimizing parameters such as Bid Price, Bid Type, Frequency Cap etc. across campaigns in bulk, helping them make multiple optimizations at once along with saving considerable amount of time.

What a sight it is to see the Account Managers brainstorming ideas on optimizing campaigns to get the best out of it. They start off strong without wasting budget and targeting the right audience, all this with a pressure to deliver results quickly– often faster than is possible. Before the work goes into executing it one can easily be distracted by thinking about the execution. You'll wonder how the idea would come to life. What would it cost? How long would it take? They are your left-brain in all its glory sneaking in and vying for a seat at the table. As crucial as that kind of thinking may be, it will quickly crush one’s creativity. Even if you've just had six shots of espresso and four Red Bulls, you want to fall asleep after updating dozen of strategy if you have to do it one at a time.

To keep it out of the room we released a new feature called ‘Bulk Edit of Strategies’ which supports updating a strategy for its name, frequency cap, bid type and bid price fields in bulk across campaigns.

Take a tour of the feature:

1. We have added two new action buttons over a list of campaigns: EXPORT and IMPORT

The actions buttons to export and import strategies

2. EXPORT action button triggers a file download after prompting the user to confirm. The downloaded file will have data of all the active strategies belonging to the campaign the user has selected from the grid.

Select and Export the campaign strategies to be edited

3. IMPORT action button pops-up a dialog with two ways to upload your changes:

  •  Upload a CSV File: Make the required changes to the strategies you want to optimize and upload the file
Upload changes using the CSV files
  •  Copy Paste the list below: Simply copy-paste the table with the changes
copy paste the changes in the pop up box

4. Click on Validate to validate the entry for its appropriate values followed by clicking on UPDATE and High-Fives and Cheers!

You can update any number of strategies across campaigns in less than a MINUTE.

This keeps the brainstorming sessions engaged, each leaning forward with ideas and feeling stimulated, which is ideal.

That’s for August! Thank you.

About RevX

RevX is an app retargeting platform that powers growth for mobile businesses through dynamic retargeting. The platform is built on integrated and transparent technology combining four key pillars - audience intelligence, programmatic media, personalized ads and ROI optimization. Mobile marketers across verticals like e-Commerce, travel, lifestyle, hyperlocal and gaming use RevX to enhance user engagement by activating new users, converting existing users and re-activating lapsed users. If you have any doubts, queries or ideas, do reach out to us at marketing@revx.io

Geetha Ramachar