Introducing SocialX- Audience Intelligence and Optimization for Facebook

RevX, a leading marketing platform for mobile commerce, announces “SocialX” for Facebook. SocialX extends RevX’s machine-learning based data analytics and audience intelligence technology to Facebook for the app retargeting and mobile user acquisition campaigns.

RevX’s machine-learning based audience intelligence technology, developed based on the deep behavioral understanding of more than 110M online shoppers across India, South East Asia, and the Middle East, enables marketers to grow their mobile channel performance by intelligently using the first-party data in a privacy-safe manner (GDPR compliant). The technology precisely determines the purchase and product affinity of users, and more granular behaviors such as the user’s likelihood of drop-off at various stages in the conversion funnel, expected number of sessions before transactions, predicted time to purchase, and user’s interaction behavior with ads.

Carousel facebook ad on mobile through RevX Retargeting
Ajio Facebook Ad- powered by RevX

RevX technology leverages this intelligence to automatically allocate budget and create personalized messaging at individual user level for thousands of campaigns running on the programmatic inventory. Now, with “SocialX”, marketers will be able to extend the same intelligence and optimization to Facebook’s built-in retargeting and user acquisition capabilities. RevX will automatically analyze advertiser’s first-party data, apply machine intelligence to build precise user cohorts, and optimize Facebook performance to deliver superior returns on the ad spend.

“In the mobile advertising, Facebook has become a gold standard for user acquisition and retargeting, as it gives the most convenient and easy to use toolset for running campaigns. However, Facebook audience segmentation capabilities are standardized to serve the needs of millions of advertisers across all domains. Further, Facebook’s optimization misses out on the understanding of how users consume content across 500K+ app publishers outside the Facebook ecosystem” said Mukesh Agarwal, CEO of RevX.

“SocialX technology adds advanced intelligence and granularity to Facebook audience segmentation and optimizes the budget allocation to deliver superior performance over Facebook’s self-serve tools.” continued Mukesh Agarwal.

“We have been running our Facebook remarketing campaign through RevX which delivered 23.7% better ROI compared to our other external campaigns. When it comes to leveraging first-party data for mobile app marketing, RevX has the best-in-breed technology and operational expertise.” Seema Chawla, CMO, Ajio

“SocialX” for Facebook is available to all customers across India, South East Asia, and the Middle East who use RevX for app retargeting and user acquisition. The platform is available as a 100% transparent extension to the programmatic campaigns wherein RevX automatically build user cohorts in advertiser’s Facebook ad account, and continuously optimizes the campaign.

Learn more about the benefits of SocialX here or drop a mail to to request demo.

About RevX

RevX is an app retargeting platform that powers growth for mobile businesses through dynamic retargeting. The platform is built on integrated and transparent technology combining four key pillars - audience intelligence, programmatic media, personalized ads and ROI optimization. Mobile marketers across verticals like e-Commerce, travel, lifestyle, hyperlocal and gaming use RevX to enhance user engagement by activating new users, converting existing users and re-activating lapsed users. If you have any doubts, queries or ideas, do reach out to us at

Mukesh Agarwal