Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

We all know that ads personalized to each user drive better engagement and higher conversion rates. With the objective of strengthening its remarketing solution, Facebook recently launched the support for “Dynamic Product Ads” through their select marketing partners. RevX platform supports and builds on Facebook’s native dynamic ads solution to drive maximum performance for advertisers looking to remarket to users who have dropped off the website or mobile app.


Let us tell you how!

What is DPA?

Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads(DPA) solution allows advertisers to showcase relevant products to users who have browsed their product catalog on their website or mobile application.


How is DPA different from FBX?

DPA builds on the custom audience (for website/mobile app) product of Facebook so it has the same advantages over FBX – 

1. Cross device – DPA ads can be targeted to users across all their devices, desktop or mobile.

2. Facebook data – DPA ads can additionally leverage Facebook’s user data like age, gender, etc. for more granular targeting.

3. Mobile app ads – DPA ads can be used to drive users back to advertiser’s mobile application.

Additionally, DPA ads can leverage Facebook’s multi-product format to showcase up to 5 products at a time to users. Multi-products ads have been found to have up to 3X increase in CTRs than single product newsfeed ads and help in reducing the cost of conversion for advertisers.

How does RevX improve Facebook DPA?

Zero Integration
If you are working with us on remarketing, we already have the assets we need to extend it to Facebook DPA. RevX manages syncing of product catalog and user data with Facebook and makes sure it is up to date.

Optimized audiences
We understand that not all users are alike. RevX automatically creates granular audiences based on their intent to purchase and our optimization algorithms optimize bids to your campaign goals.

Product recommendations
We have built our own layer of product recommendations that runs together with Facebook’s product selection algorithms. This drives incremental conversions for you and enables us to target a broader set of users.

Results speak for themselves!

Baby & Kids Products Retailer

A leading baby and kids products advertiser saw a 2x jump in conversions we were able to deliver to them. More than half of all purchases we drive for the retailer are now via our Facebook remarketing solution.

Fashion Retailer

RevX enabled a fashion retailer to reach its users on mobile device via Facebook ads. Mobile now contributes to more than 40% of all conversions driven by Facebook.

Horizontal marketplace in SEA

A leading online marketplace in south east Asia more than doubled visits to its website with Facebook dynamic ads. We saw CTRs of more than 10% for some specific user segments.

Talk to us to get started on Facebook Dynamic Product ads and scaling your remarketing efforts on Facebook.

Sandip Acharyya