Dynamic Creative Optimization – The RevX way!

Adaptive Ads

A banner ad typically is a rectangular advertisement placed on websites either on top, bottom or sides of the website’s regular content. Here are the 3 most important parts of a banner ad-

1. Call to action

2. Color, images, and background

3. Value proposition

Online advertisers use A/B testing to test out how different variations of each of these can better the performance of the ad. The traditional way to do this would be to upload all possible ad variations into an ad-serving platform and let these run randomly on test group of users. The advertiser then pulls out a report by ad-variation to compare the relative performance of each and consequently continues to promote the best performing ads to run across all users.

Though A/B testing is the only true way to objectively test the optimizations that can be made to ad creatives, this is obviously tedious and time consuming. This is where ad technology comes to the rescue!

Algorithm powered A/B testing

Ad-serving platforms today allow advertisers to auto-generate many ad variations in bulk and upload them to the ad-serving system at the click of a few buttons. The system also optimizes the ad serving to the best performing variations automatically so that the advertiser need not do manual performance monitoring and optimizations. 

Adaptive Ads

RevX platform takes this one step further, by allowing advertisers to create truly personalized ad copies for each individual user a.k.a Adaptive Ads!

Adaptive ads helps the advertiser: 

1. Create more engaging ads that help continue the conversation with the user based on past interactions on the advertiser’s website

2. Keep creatives fresh by showcasing the latest catalogue of products 

3. Achieve operational efficiency by uploading a single ad template that is customized to each user with the right products and messaging



Performance Insights

Adaptive ads leads to better user engagement and higher purchase propensity. A leading retail advertiser in India used RevX Adaptive Ads to re-market users who dropped out from the advertiser’s website. The advertiser saw a 4x increase in CTR and 2x higher conversation ratio as compared to standard banners.

The RevX Advantage

Adaptive Ads is seamlessly integrated into RevX remarketing platform so that advertisers have complete transparency and control on how these ads run. This includes product feed setup, user data collection & audience creation, upload of dynamic templates – all integrated into a simple-to-use efficient self-serve interface.



And that’s not all! Adaptive ads is powered by a state-of-the-art predictive modeling technology that can optimize bids based on user intent signals like purchase funnel, time of last visit, time spent on the website, etc. to enable a truly turn-key approach to remarketing.

Learn how Adaptive Ads is enabling advertisers to deliver personalized promotional offers to users to incentivize them further to complete abandoned purchases in our next blog post.

Sandip Acharyya