Decorate Native Product Ads with “Dynamic Badges”

At RevX, we are continuing to push platform capabilities to improve app retargeting ROI. Ad creatives play a significant role in making the ads delightful and relevant for the end user. We are pleased to announce Dynamic Badges for the Native Product Ads. Dynamic Badges improves the marketing message to the end users by overlaying key product attributes such as brand name, product price, discount onto the main native ad image in real-time. The additional information intuitively overlaid on the main image significantly improves the ad click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate.

Native ads are high performing, non-obtrusive ad units which adapt itself to the look and the feel of the app where they appear. In-feed placements, recommendation widgets, carousels etc. are a few popular native ad formats. While native ad format greatly improves the end user experience, its prescriptive format limits marketing team’s creativity with respect to showcasing the relevant information in product ads. For example, an e-commerce marketer might want to emphasize the drop in product price or special sale event to draw user’s attention. Adding this information manually for millions of product images in a catalogue is not feasible. Alternatively, adding it to the title or body of ad creative generally fails to draw user attention. With this feature, RevX platform can automatically pull the relevant attributes from the product catalogue feed, and overlay on the product image in real-time during ad serving, making ads visually appealing and relevant to the end users.

Native Ad with Dynamic Badge Native mobile ad with dynamic overlay showing brand-price-sale

“Users love Native ads because they are non-intrusive. This feature further enhances the user experience by adding more relevant, personalized and dynamic information on top of Native Ad Image. Further, Dynamic Badges improves the ad interaction rate by up to 47%, bringing efficiency and performance gain in dynamic product ad campaigns for verticals such as e-commerce and online travel.” Mukesh Agarwal, CEO, RevX

Dynamic Badges for native ads is available across hundreds of thousands of apps through RevX’s partnership with leading mobile programmatic exchanges. This feature is available to all advertisers globally, and automatically turned on for the existing customers who run dynamic product ads with RevX.

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Sandip Acharyya