aiCube Vision: The Intelligent Engine for In-App Programmatic Ecosystem

Last month, we announced aiCube, our intelligent engine for mobile advertising focused on delivering results in a brand-safe, programmatic ecosystem. As one of the early partners of Google Ad Exchange in the APAC region, and the first DSP platform out of India, RevX has been at the forefront of the programmatic advertising. When we started our journey in 2012, programmatic was at a very early stage of adoption. Over these six years, our scalable infrastructure has helped us onboard several new ad exchanges and invest efficiently in building the first-party DMP, dynamic creative engine, and the optimization engine for the programmatic media buy. Since then we have been delivering unprecedented performance for top mCommerce apps across the APAC.

aiCube: The Integrated Technology Stack

In the recent months, our obsession with maintaining publisher quality and brand safety led us to learn about the correlation between publisher performance and their attributes such as publishing status of apps on Google/Apple stores, publisher category, user rating, user reviews, download stats and more. We also noticed that the quality of publisher metadata in the programmatic ecosystem lacked quality and accuracy. For example, about 18% of the bids on exchanges are from the apps not published in app stores and 24% of the bids have missing or incorrect category data.

18% of the bids on exchanges are from the apps not published in app stores and 24% of the bids have missing or incorrect category data

At RevX, we are aware that an accurate and complete view of the publisher is vital to make an informed buying decision and power bidding algorithm. Thus, to solve this problem, we built our own version of App Store that gives a complete view of 3.2M apps, combining metadata from stores with publisher performance and quality. Further, we built a ‘Bid Enhancer’ that adds or fixes publisher metadata to bids before our bidder processes them. These upgrades have dramatically uplifted the performance of all in-house campaigns. We continue to improve all modules of aiCube – App Intelligence, Audience Intelligence, Ad Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence, and our in-house mobile DSP is a critical part of this equation as it provides feedback to improve the aiCube modules. In other words, we can say that RevX DSP is the first customer of aiCube engine.

aiCube: Future Vision

However, our vision for aiCube stretches far beyond an engine limited to powering RevX DSP. We continue to remain bullish on the programmatic advertising, particularly in-app as it is projected to grow faster than any other channel with publishers migrating from waterfall-based model to dynamic auction. As in-app programmatic matures, the industry will need an intelligence layer to power media planning, analyze publisher quality, optimize creatives and pricing, improve audience ranking, and much more. Most of the tools that were built for the traditional web-based media will either do a poor job or not work at all for mobile. Stepping up, we aim to fill this gap by making aiCube the “Intelligence Layer” of the in-app programmatic ecosystem that will address publisher quality, fraud, brand safety and performance optimization problems.

Over the coming 12-months, we will be launching aiCube into various modular, cloud services available to publishers, agencies, ad network, exchanges, and other DSPs via API and UI. For instance:

  • Publishers would be able to use App Intelligence module to benchmark its quality and programmatic performance against peers or host the authorized seller list onto aiCube cloud that other DSP platforms would be able to access via API
  • Ad Exchange or SSPs would be able to enhance bid attributes to improve the publisher yield
  • Agencies or advertisers would be able to build a list of publishers based on various quality criteria for targeting on DSP of their choice

aiCube: Comprehensive Solution for App Marketers

Today, there are several point solutions offering publisher quality analysis, fraud filtering, audience ranking and dynamic creative optimization. Working with different vendors for such point solutions is costly and operationally inefficient. Further, each intelligence module gets more intelligent via feedback from other modules, and piecing together different solutions from different vendors results in substandard performance. aiCube will offer the most comprehensive and intelligent cloud layer for the mobile in-app ecosystem, with RevX as its first customer but open to other players in the ecosystem through a collection of cloud services. Our goal is to turn our 6-years of expertise in building programmatic tech and executing thousands of campaigns into an intelligent cloud platform to advance fast-growing in-app programmatic.

We would love to hear feedback from publishers, advertisers, exchanges, ad networks, and agencies on the shortcomings and challenges in buying in-app programmatic inventory that we can address intelligently through aiCube.

About RevX

RevX is an intelligent cloud for mobile advertising and analytics that combines audience intelligence, app store intelligence and artificial intelligence to drive marketing outcomes in a brand-safe, programmatic ecosystem. Marketers use RevX platform to engage, acquire, and retain mobile consumers through personalized dynamic ads. If you have any doubts, queries or ideas, do reach out to us at

Mukesh Agarwal